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From the Chef

Hello there my name is Chef Matthew Kamieniecki, I am currently the Executive Chef at Diamond Ballroom and Catering and I wish to share stories, tips, and recipes with you over the coming months.

First a little background on me. I’m originally from San Francisco, I started working in my father’s kitchen when I was 13 and soon found even at that early age, I had a passion for food and the industry that surrounded it. I worked in kitchens throughout my high school years and through college. When I graduated I found I didn’t want to do anything else in life but cook professionally. I started in small local restaurants in San Francisco and within a few years I had moved up to working in fine dining restaurants for the likes of Michael Richard, and Wolfgang Puck. After a time in fine dining I decided to try my hand at Catering. It was very much different from the restaurant business. I found it exciting every day different cuisines, menus, and locations.   I soon found myself running very large catering kitchens and enjoyed the challenges within. About 10 years ago I relocated to Vancouver, B.C. and started running traditional restaurant kitchens but longed for catering. About 4 years ago I decided to try to get back into the sector I loved, and some found myself Running Jewel Ballroom and Catering which eventually became Diamond Ballroom and Catering.

We boost some of the best views of downtown, false creek and the North Shore Mountains. This combined with a 5000 square foot Ballroom, Scratch made menus using local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients make us a top venue for for special events such as weddings, political and corporate events, and holiday extravaganzas. As we transition from summer to Fall I hope to be sharing some of my favorite foods and recipes. This time of year is a glorious time to get out and explore farms, farmer’s markets, and new restaurants.